Let There Be Light?


Orbital Office w/ Lighting

Standard Render

Ok, so it is a little early to be playing with light rigs, but…

I wanted to see what effect the individual lights and glowing windows would have on some of the details I was currently adding;  specifically, the little features topping the habitat modules and the surfacing of the tank/towers.  The big tower-tanks have been more of a guessing game than I thought at the beginning.  Some of that detailing I’ve yet to figure out from the images I have.

I have not finished any detailing on the larger habitat modules, and have hardly begun any details of the lowest section of the station (which will become the highest section of the Regula Station)

Many more details and adjustments to come.


Render With Global Illumination

P.S.  This is also a test of the “Insert More Tag” in the post editor.


~ by starstation on February 2, 2009.

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