Utopia Planetia…


Like giant dumbbells in space, here’s a little diddy I put together last year.   First seen in the Voyager era, I’ve always been fond of this particular Starfleet base design and wanted to duplicate it for my 3D collection. 

Though they only appeared long after the movie era I thought they were fine compliments to Earth’s mighty Spacedock and would have looked just fine in the TMP+ era.  I doubt they are nearly as large as Spacedock.

Though not meant for close ups (much like the original production CGI model I suspect) I tried to duplicate this as well as I could given the few reference images I have of the Martian orbital facility.  Cloned and sprinkled throughout the Utopia Planetia Fleetyards amidst herds of drydocks, these bases shepard the production of Starfleet ships from high above the red planet.



Like everything else, I’m sure it could use a little work and I wouldn’t consider it complete, but I thought it would be nice to spotlight here.


~ by starstation on February 11, 2009.

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