Devil’s Details?


Well, not yet.   But I began work on some habitat module paneling…I had already added the radial “light fixtures” but started on the greeble panels this weekend.  Little more than random wedges with slight beveled surfaces, most are the same medium gray that fills the recessed portions of the module tops, but a few are the same lighter default gray of the majority of the station.  Some stick up a little too far, so I’ll have to go back and lower them later.  Still more modules need their panels and unfortunately, the underside’s of the modules have very similar recesses/paneling that I haven’t even started on.

I also played around with Photoshop a little and fixed some fudged lighting effects by blending two different renders.  Added a touch of lens flare on the spot lights as well.


I’m going to have to totally redo the bottom “bell” again.  I seemed to have made the hanger bay opening a bit too wide vertically.  And seeing those Yard Command windows from such a high angle, I’m not too sure they aren’t too big.

~ by starstation on February 16, 2009.

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