More Miranda


A little more of the Miranda Class Shuttle/Cargo Bay this weekend.

What I like most about this interior plan is how it connects one shuttlebay directly to it’s mirror image on the other side of the ship, by way of a large cargo area.  Large shuttles and equipment can be moved from one hanger to the other with ease though this cargo access area, which is distinct from the Main Cargo Hold.  Shuttle and workbee storage areas line the sides of the hanger areas.  It  looks sorta compact, but for its cut, it takes up at least 3 of the 5 levels of the ship area it inhabits.  Main Engineering and it’s related facilities rest between these 2 bays.  The deck plans I am using have uninterrupted access to both hanger bays by way of the cargo access area, but I thought it would be better to use the same huge isolation doors as the movie Enterprise.  I incorporated a similar feature into the Phobos shuttle facility.


In this update, I cleaned up some things and added a more complete interior to the observation/control booth.  I was trying to find a way to merge its modular features with the structural trusses of the hanger bay.  It’s a start.

Eventually the catwalks will have access ports to various machine shops and administrative facilities but right now they appear to serve no real purpose.  I have since moved the lower catwalk’s cargo access hatch to fit the upper walkway.  It was simply too low and obstructive as it snaked around into the cargo area, especially after I put in the access doors to the Main Cargo Hold.   With the Main Cargo Hold taking up most of space behind that bulkhead, and now no access to the cargo area at all, that particular catwalk seems a bit redundant.  There is one at this level in the deck plans which accesses a corridor to Main Engineering, (useful) but that one starts further down and runs all the way to the bay doors.  Not sure I care for that so I’m thinking of seriously reconfiguring it or removing it all together.

Here is the cargo access area with that walkway and hatch relocated to the upper portion of the bay.  I think it works really well there.  A little more detailing has been added as well with supports struts, ceiling lights, and the Main Cargo Hold’s access door (one of two.)  The beginnings of a control panel over by the port egress hatch have also been added.


I think the Main Cargo Bay is called “Main” because it has a few more cargo slots and houses the ship’s cargo transporters.  If that doesn’t convince you then the big M‘s on the floor should.  Why it is completely isolated from the other cargo area, I don’t know.   Perhaps because the plan authors didn’t use the same isolation doors that I decided to add.  This set-up is in the plans though, so I’ll go with that.

miranda_shuttlebay_281Here’s a global lighting render showing a more natural realistic lighting.  Took a while to render, that’s why there are fewer of these.  I removed the lower catwalk to test it’s absence.  It’s a little too bare I think, so I’ll have to figure that one out.

Here are a couple of images of the Miranda Class I am working on.  I think some of the corners and edges are a little too soft, but hopefully I can repair some of that with refinements.





~ by starstation on February 22, 2009.

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