Main Cargo Bay


The Miranda’s  Main Cargo Bay viewed from inside.  This room will feature the ship’s cargo transporters.  The transporter control booth is visible to the right there.  I began this section of the model as part of  the shuttle/cargo facility, but realized I was having trouble navigating all the individual layers.   So, I created a seperate file specifically for this cargo area.  That is why there is very little beyond the big door at the back.  It’s in another file! 😀  I will reincorporate it later when both are more complete.

This is a very early image, not loaded down with too many textures while I sort out the room’s final configuration, though I did use global  rendering to test my lighting placement.

Here’s an earlier posted image, with a view from outside for better visual placement.  Just follow the Yellow M Floor. 😀



~ by starstation on March 2, 2009.

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