Cargo Transporter


Work on the cargo transporter begins with an attempt to faithfully recreate elements of the transporter console from The Motion Picture.

Not too shabby me thinks, but still needs a lot of work.  Need to complete some model elements (toggles and dials) and adjust the size of a few of the panels and button components.  My “Lite-Brite” buttons need to be doubled and each needs to be flattened out on top.  Those large green rectangles in the center graphic are actually little “wells” in the panel behind a clear surface.  I Haven’t decided whether or not to model that feature or just leave as a 2D texture.  Working really hard on trying to get a more realistic surface for those large cylindrical buttons.  They appear to be some type of semi clear or translucent acrylic and they have multiple ridges.  Sometimes they’re  lit, sometimes not.  They may not even be buttons, but rather indicators of some sort;  just not sure.  And finally,  a bit of color correction is needed for some of the greens and blue panel graphics.

Reference images…



Granted this is a standard personnel transporter console and not for cargo use but it is a start.


~ by starstation on March 5, 2009.

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