Button Love


Did I mention I love buttons too?I love LCARS graphics, but the clickity-clack response of buttons just gives a person that extra feedback that makes you feel a part of something.  Can’t explain it any other way I guess.

I’ve been working extra hard trying to get the shaders right for , those large cylindrical toggle/bobbles.  They are semi-clear and have about 5 ridges in them.  Sometimes they’re lit, and sometimes not.  Like most blinkies I suspect.  I had pulled them from an earlier mesh of an engineering station, but I decided to rework them from scratch last night.


Now that I’ve done some more research, it seems  they are more likely some sort of indicator light rather than actual buttons, though they may pull some double duty.  They seem to always be associated with the ship’s communications, either internal, as rendered above, or external.  Uhura had the single largerst concentration of them at her station in the first 3 films.


They are also frequently at the top of , what I like to call, the “Lite-Brite” keypads at various stations throughout the ship, though not always.  They are especially noticeable at the science and navigation stations on the bridge.  They may have something to do with routing information directly back to communications.

Some other references:


Engineering Main Control



Bridge Science Station



Helm & Navigation Stations

Here are the best two versions I was able to come up with last night, experimenting with the trasparency and translucent shader settings.  I  think I need to get them a  little less clear though.  Mine are also a little more flat edged, while the set pieces appear more rounded.  Mine aren’t meant to be seen too close up however.



~ by starstation on March 6, 2009.

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