Phobos At Impulse


The Impulse Deflection Crystal (IDC), as it is known in fandom, has never been seen anywhere except on the exterior of Starfleet vessels.

I believe the term “deflection crystal” was coined by TMP design contributor Andrew Probert, though I’m not entirely sure.  I know it was on some early pre-production sketches he worked on.  Either way, fan publications took the concept and ran with it.  Essentially a large toroidal ring with a blue-glowing dome structure in the center (as seen from the outside), this area is where the warp engines and the impulse engines come together for some purpose, be it either plasma fuel shunt or some sort of aid to power generation, or both.  Still, the impulse engines being considered more fusion oriented rather than the matter/antimatter reaction nature of the warp engines, this interaction is certainly limited in some way.

It has been said in some fan references that the upper decks of engineering, where the IDC is located, is a room filled with bright glowing patterns swirling around as if from some exotic light show.  I like that idea, though I’m not sure exactly how to accomplish that.  I had some other ideas about how to handle this section of the ship, but I just didn’t have room to do all I wanted, so I toned it done a tad.

These are just some preliminary low res shots as I experiment with the new Lightwave radiosity settings.


Below, I reduced the ray recursion limit thinking it might speed things up a little.  Mistake.  😀  But I ramped up the blue glow of the corridor lights  to be more like TMP engineering, and I thought that looked better.  Might be a tad bright though.


Also added some details to the main engineering deck by inserting the hexagonal grating seen in the movies,  putting in more corridor details than the early stand ins, and some new control consoles, though not all are visible.


Still need to brighten things up a bit.


~ by starstation on March 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “Phobos At Impulse”

  1. Very impressive graphics !!!

    • Thanks! I might run a little article on more of my graphics sometime in the future. Of course I just recreate the Star Trek designers work, but it sure can be fun. 😀

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