Starship Plush Hotel?


I finally managed to complete my 3 corridor templates with all the settings I like.  I always thought the “red velvet deck” from TMP looked a little posh for a starship, but it certainly made it distinct.  since it was on a deck mostly dedicated to officer and personnel quarters maybe that little softness was psychologically sound.  Always reminded me of church pew cushions though.

It took quite a few test renders but I was finally able to fix the washout effect I was battling.  It took putting reflective properties in things I didn’t think needed them, but I used the reflection blur setting the way I did with the metal panels and it crisped the frames right up.

Once again, every render seems darker in every monitor except the new one attached to the Mac that rendered them, so I am not sure how dark these images will look to the casual browser.

Further refinements to the other templates.  Same angles, but I tweeked settings to get the overall lighting effect I wanted on the plain white and blue decks.  All the frames and doors now have some degree of reflectivity, but I still need to test the blur settings on those.  Frames are still a little shiny.  Raises render times significantly, but eventually I’ll have a standard to work with. 🙂




~ by starstation on March 22, 2009.

One Response to “Starship Plush Hotel?”

  1. Looks great. We all love corridors.

    Makes sense having all the walls softened since there’s gravity and evasive maneuvres could have the crew and passengeres pushed against them. Furthermore, the fabric on the walls serves as the cloth cargo hold to save space.

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