Miranda Class Cargo Transporter


Finally under constructionThese are some preliminary shots of the structure for this backwall of the main cargo bay with the cargo transporter in place.  There’s not a lot of surface variety yet.  Tranporter pads are all glow and no texture here, but I finally got a render that was bright enough to see on other monitors.  It hardly looks like there’s enough room for all these features with those cargo pods directly above the transporter chamber, but this is how the deck plans depict it.  I suppose it is feasible since most of the mechanics for the transporter are in a bay behind the translucent drop door (and possibly some under the platform on the deck below.)

You can see a bit of the transporter control console which gives you an idea of how everything is laid out.  There is another as yet unbuilt cargo transporter chamber opposite this one on the starboard side.

That heavy isolation door opens directly into the port landing bay.  Still needs lots of doors and details in the layout, but I am closing in on the final arrangement.

Here is a shot testing some of the glow textures of the actual transporter chamber pads.


The main cargo pad is not lit in this scene (consider it “powered down”) and the resulting overall image is rather dim.   I chose to build part of this chamber (small end by the round pads) out of the side wall, and leave the remainder of the platform unencumbered.

I would have re-rendered it brighter but didn’t have enough time this morning.   I’ll probably update it later today.  Not sure why my Mac renders seem so much brighter than PC renders at the same settings.  I’m just going to try adjusting the monitor settings tonight to get things more in line with my other monitors.

Here is the gratuitous first render at the same angle as  the top image.  It is much darker but it shows some of the “glowey” features better.



~ by starstation on March 26, 2009.

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