The ever practical and  indespensible Workbee.  Here are some older images I culled off of my Scifi-Meshes message board post to save some upload space.  Since all of the shuttle/cargo bays I work on have them, I figured they weren’t too out of order and it would be nice to  give them a new place for their “hive.”

I had downloaded a nice workbee mesh and some attachments quite a few years ago for some of my earliest rendering fun, but when the time came to start building my own meshes, I decided I wanted to make my own workbees as well.  The original “grabber sled” mesh by H. Gibbons was based on some concept sketches by Andrew Probert I believe.  His mesh was an invaluable resource for scale and shaping the mesh I eventually churned out.  Probert also did a welding carriage attachment in his drawings and I very much wanted to duplicate some of those concepts in another mesh.

The cargo pods were completed long before the workbees, so it was always my intention to build the cargo sled attachment as well.  I think there might be a number of those meshes released on the internet, but I never needed one.  It is a fairly simple mesh.


~ by starstation on April 9, 2009.

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