Phobos Gets A Beamer


A quick and dirty render of a new cargo transporter aboard the Loknar class USS Phobos by Kevin Riley.  I love modeling interiors for this ship, one of the best Trek Starship designs I’ve ever come across- fan based or otherwise.

This was just a test render of a limited number of mesh elements  to see how things look with this new addition.  After modeling the cargo transporter on the Miranda class I thought this ship would probably justifiably need one as well.   I used the Miranda platform as a reference, but because of size and angle issues I constructed this one and its niche details from scratch, and there are still a few details to work out.  It still needs proper framing, the pads are obviously dark and untextured, and that one dark panel in the center of the back wall is a texture/lighting experiment.  Pay it no mind. 😉


A somewhat smaller and more compact facility, I had to make use of what space I could find, so I chose this blank wall.  I’m not certain if I will make this a fully symmetric design as on so many starships.  The opposite side might have a smaller inset with smaller round pads, or no transporter at all.  I still don’t have a clue where to put the control console.


I also recently updated the ceiling and lighting in this mesh, so here are a few renders from it.  This is a view looking down the length of the cargo deck.  The shuttle hangers and the landing bay are visible as well as two turbo shafts.  The cargo bay’s curved shape owes to its location in the essentially disk-like primary hull.  In case you wondered how the shuttles parked in such a high up cubby hole, there is a large “lift” in the center of the room that rises up and swings along the curve of the bay, moving shuttles from the landing bay to their respective storage hangers. (I might need to change it’s color so it is more visible.)  The new cargo transporter would be just to your right.


This slightly different angle gives you a glance into the main shuttle bay and the starboard shuttle storage hanger.  The workbee parking can be seen from the interior perspective.


Alas, I finally added some shuttles to the parking areas.  A Starfleet based shuttle design I put together a few years back as part of my planetary surface Starbase project.  Ceilings in the parking bays and shuttle bays are still using the old lighting method and could both use some upgrading as well.

More later.


a few refinements to the Cargo Transporter.



~ by starstation on April 21, 2009.

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