Impulse Engineering Revisited

Edit: 05-01-09


Changed the map on the upper dome, so it is a little less bright and more colorful.  It brought the brightness down a notch, but there are still some extremely reflective surfaces up there in the center of the dome so it is still a bit washed out.


My first attempt to render the Phobos’s impulse deflection crystal housing, inspired by some engineering elements from Star Trek: Voyager. The whole area is awash with light, but it’s a bit brighter than I wanted.  There is a large spherical object up in the dome that houses the supposed “crystal,” seen here in this modeler screen grab without the dome:


Under these lighting conditions however, you just can’t see it.  I’ll have to work on toning things down I suppose, which is all ok since I have more adjustments to make to the mesh as well.  We’ll just pretend that she’s cruising at full impulse power for this shot. 😉

~ by starstation on April 30, 2009.

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