Touch Ups Continue…


Low res shot after some texture tweaking.  Still not floating my boat but improving.  I changed the actual color of the crystal housing to match the metallic texture of the rest of the intermix shaft.


Here I added a whole console between the new partition and the bulkhead with the corridor access.  It is crooked at an angle and similar to the one on the TMP set right next to the exit.  It’s exactly what I planned on doing one level below on the main deck and I might duplicate it there or just relocate this one.  Still, in doing this I  had to move all of the lumbering computer monitors to where I had originally envisioned them, behind the grill.  I also revamped the smaller console entirely and did some rescaling, though it now looks like the guard rails are a bit too large.  I’ll  have to investigate all these scale issues and  I want to revamp that larger console too.  It originally served well on the Akyazi class engine room, but I just transferred it over as a stand in and would like to customize it more to this layout.  The smaller console needs new graphics as well.  Also need to break up the floor so it doesn’t look like one big metal plate.


~ by starstation on May 6, 2009.

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