Update: 5-11


Something of a personal challenge…  The personnel transporter.  Just the basics so far.  I did what I promised I wouldn’t and actually modeled the features on the pads since I was getting miserable results with my texturing attempts.  I paid for it with a 3 hour render, but I sure like the results.  I chose to only use one layer of the honeycomb mesh to see how it affected render speeds;  also, only a translucent purple backing with traditional spotlights.

A second attempt with a self-luminous UV background behind the honeycomb (the one that worked so well in the Miranda cargo transporter) didn’t quite  work the way I’d hoped.


I love the improvements I made for this one on the pads’ color and lighting but the background just went a little overboard.  I’m thinking it wasn’t suited to a curved surface, and was almost certainly too close to the honeycomb mesh for proper blurring.  I’ll chalk it up as another learning experience and I have another image rendering as I write this, faking the honeycomb with a completely 2D textured backing… we shall see how it turns out.

Update: 5-11


2D honeycomb background 2 hours…


Versus 2 layed 3D honeycomb mesh.  7 hours.  Thankfully I was asleep.

I like it but I’m not sure it is worth the time.


~ by starstation on May 10, 2009.

5 Responses to “Energize?”

  1. Now thats what you call a transporter!

    Why oh why could the new movie not have something like this.

    I have news for everybody “THIS IS STAR TREK”!

    Look not a bubble dome in sight.

    Your work is outstanding man!

    Its artists like you who keep the TOS dream alive!

    • Well, I’m honored. Keeping the dream alive is what it’s all about I guess, and TOS and her theater offspring are one of my favorite dreams to visit.

      Luckily I have many truly creative and innovative minds to call upon for inspiration. 😀

  2. Hey, permission to use your transporter room as a background for a photo of me? I’m in a TOS science officer dress.

  3. I LOVE this and used it in a layout I did for personal use. I credited you on my blog where it is posted. Thank You!!

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