Access By Jefferies…


Named after the original Star Trek art director Matt Jefferies, Jefferies tubes and starships (for me anyway) are like bread & butter or bees and honey.  They just go together.

This is my first tinkering with that shelf-like area off to the side of the impulse deck.  It is a little larger than your typical Jefferies tube, though because of the impulse toroid you do have to squat a bit while passing through.  It will eventually have more pipes and greeblies and I’ll have to get the lighting right, but this is just the first structural phase.  It is modeled after some engineering set pieces used in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, though not nearly as large or complex.

The placement is based on structural necessity, given a number of features on Kevin Riley’s Phobos design.  The raised “shelf” area is forced by what appears to be a large fuel tank, possibly the primary deuterium storage.  The length and route it takes is based on a distinct trapezoidal hatch or plate; a number of  which are located along the ship’s exterior.

Below is an image of the starboard engineering section, (to which I made a few minor impulse engine modifications) but as you look along the inner hull you can clearly see the partially buried fuel tank (I’m assuming) and a number of the trapezoidal plates at different levels.  The port engineering section, which house the current work-in-progress engineering, is a mirror image of this starboard section.


I figured these panels worked best as hatches for a type of dedicated equipment module bay; housing bulky modular equipment that might need to be fully replaced every now and again from the outside, but regular maintenance would make extra vehicular activity a nuisance.  Therefore, it can be accessed from the ship’s interior, one of the more elegant engineering features of the Trek aesthetic if you ask me.  In this instance this Jefferies tube runs parallel to the main deck and leads to the bay that houses this equipment, most likely a part of the larger impulse engine systems.  There will be an airtight entrance to this bay.  Of course the tube itself will house access to other engineering necessities; pipes, plasma conduits, computer fiber optic cables and other doohickies etc…

Also here is some of that refined console area,  mostly cosmetic.



~ by starstation on May 12, 2009.

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