Tight Squeeze


Here are a few images, some new angles and some just updated detailing.

I chose this angle to demonstrate the space between the grill work and the green-thingie-monitors.  Why have them behind this grill and not just out in the open?  I suppose if they were delicate enough input devices as well as monitors it might be a good idea to have them behind some protection during unsettling maneuvers, but still visible for routine monitoring.  It might not be necessary on other parts of the ship, but here where engine settings are sensitive and fine tuned it might call for more prudence.

The “Green-Thingie” monitors  seem ubiquitously distributed throughout the first Motion Picture, so they must be fairly common Starfleet equipment.  There’s one visible in the San Fransisco Air Tram station and seen shortly later in the orbital office complex.  It makes an appearance in a little alcove on the upper level of Enterprise’s main engineering, when Kirk makes his way down to boot Captain Decker from the center seat.  Its final show is in the spacesuit/airlock set in one or two possible scenes, depending on which version of the film you watch.  All versions have the Vulcan neck pinch scene as Spock prepares to steal a thruster suit for his unauthorized journey into V’Ger.  It shows up near the Enterprise transporter room in The Wrath of Khan as well.

green_thingiesA few screencaps

Phobos_Eng_29Here is an early shot down the length of the tube, still unrefined and displaying disjointed modeling errors.  I’ve yet to work out the airtight door at the end of the Jeffries tube even now.

Phobos_Eng_37While I have since updated some detailing in this shot I have yet to begin work on the greeblies that will sprinkle the interior of the Jeffries tube.  Needs some fine tuning to the light settings as well.  There is a wonderfully large space behind the green-thingie monitors but I truly am not sure what to place back there yet.

That entire bulkhead needed some modeling corrections.  I reduced the size of the floor grating as it looked really out of scale, and  increased its contrast/reflectivity features too.

Phobos_Eng_32I thought a nice view of the area as seen exiting the turbolift might be nice.  I gave the deck some distinguishing color and bump, though it needs to be restricted to a liner or matting between the frames like my completed corridors.

Phobos_Eng_38And here is a refined shot of a previous angle, after correcting some modeling errors and some surface settings.  The same deck plating alterations are apparent.  The alcove for the pylon transfer conduit revealed some shabby modeling and I changed the guard rail texture to appear more metallic.  I even fixed the corridor liner though it’s hardly visible at this distance.

I also realized I had mistakenly replaced the UV map of the plasma conduit itself with another “glowing plasma” image and returned the correct one.

~ by starstation on May 18, 2009.

One Response to “Tight Squeeze”

  1. You gota put the word on the street about this page.

    I am having more enjoyment from your blog, than I did at the JJ Movie.

    You have pointed out things I must have seen a million times, when watching the movies, but I never gave them a second thought, up until now.

    I will have to watch the movies again just to see them.

    I’m lost for words.

    Outstanding man!

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