Docked Near Memory(Whore)Alpha

Whoops!  Did I say that?


Less of a WIP (Work-In-Progress) image and more of a IIRWI (Is-It-Really-Worth-It?) image.

Sometimes my patience wears thin and I just have to try rendering a model(s) simply to determine if it was worth the brain grease.  Despite 2 crashes while assembling this drydock mesh into a combined model, given these results I think I shall proceed.

This is the best image I’ve been able to muster from my dry dock mesh since I switched over to the Mac and upgraded to Lightwave 9.6.  Begun approximately 2 years ago, this drydock mesh is (forgive me) a memory whore (no one’s fault but my own) and it’s still not even complete! (Again, no one’s fault but my own.)  Also…  I haven’t fired up the McCook in forever, so this was a nice place to feature her.

I did some visual research on the drydock filming miniature from movie screen captures and recent auction related images in order to attempt more accurate greeble details;  an obvious fool’s errand but that’s never stopped me. ;D  Once I actually saw some of the details and recognized a pattern of what appeared to be polystyrene model kit-parts I was hooked.

Below is the uncropped render and its unfinished nature is even more apparent.  The flood lights are not even attached but simply floating in space.  The random spotlights have no actual source, and other than the station’s glowing panels and flood lights there are no apparent spot/running/formation lights whatsoever.  There are smooth flat ceiling areas obviously naked of detailing, mostly stuff I have fewer clear references to, so that’s more memory whoring in-progress.  There is no main gangway and I haven’t even started on the visible exterior of the upper section yet, but it is all on the way.

Global lighting was a bit of a splotchy letdown, so I added the conventional lights to smooth some of that out.  I only added the background to break up the monotony of empty black.

Warning: Fairly large image at 1920 x 1080 and close to 1 MB.


I suspect I will redo the greebles on this at some time in the future to make them less smooth and reduce the overall polygon count.  I realize the high poly-counts are totally unecessary for nice long shots like this, but I truly want to finish this particular model (or at least one baseline segment of it) so that I have something detailed to build from for any possible close-up shots. Still, I have a lot of minutiae to spin.  Good thing I love details. 😀

~ by starstation on May 21, 2009.

5 Responses to “Docked Near Memory(Whore)Alpha”

  1. hi, i was just wondering if your pics are available to use? i am making a video with my 12yo son for school and there is a spaceship shot in it and your pics would really help sell the effect, there fantastic. I would give you credit obviously. Regards, Daz.

  2. hi again, i was interested in the docking area. 2 corridoors and one that looks like an engine/energy core room. just to give the feel that the bit were filming is taking place on a ship. regards , daz

    • Sounds reasonable. Have fun with it. 😀

      • thanks alot. I dont believ in stealing other peoples work especially when its obvious how much time you must have spent on these. pure talent. Thanks again.

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