Drydock Implodes-News at 11

After several crashes of my Lightwave program I have now experienced some of the upper limits of  my Mac mini.  Poor little Mac mini. 😦  Trying to copy and paste mesh geometry from my baseline creation model to my combined render model, Lightwave simply stopped working and died on 5 separate occasions.   Thank the lucky stars for the “s” save function which I have learned to hit a good 30 times in a given hour.  “The Devil’s in the details” is not just a phrase, it’s a way of life.  ;D 

McCook_Drydock_010aLow res render

I got some (most) of the ceiling details in place (doesn’t matter… I’m done!), a few rows of lights, and even managed to get some raised details along the lower angled sections of the roof facility around those points of attachment.  I also added a little extended hull panel under the ship similar to the Enterprise in TMP.  I figure it’s either maintenance access or a small cargo load area.   I don’t think I’ve seen anything like that in the tech specs for this class of ship so I thought it might be a neat addition.

I was a little disappointed with the flood light in this one as  it’s a bit too bright and the light cone’s soft edge isn’t soft enough.  I changed the original settings and lost them when I saved the scene so I’ll have to fix that.

The next step is to figure out how the flood lights connect to the main frame and get those in place.  Prologic9 has a nice method with his drydock mesh, but I am not sure how accurate it is.  The floodlights, cranes, main spotlights and main gangway have been the most difficult pieces of the model to reference so far outside of the movie itself, and there they are all left convincingly shadowed in the background.  Maybe the new Blu-ray version of TMP will reveal more detail currently in the fuzzy realms than my DVD.

I am working on the gangway right now and for this I’ve managed to make use of one of the office pods from the orbital office station, but I will probably have to opt for some artistic license on this front.  I would like placement of the gangway to be more flexible as well, as some ships would look seriously goofy if parked in exactly the same place as the Enterprise in the TMP drydock.  That might be too problematic though.

McCook_Drydock_010Here’s a higher res-bigger memory version

I took a sick day yesterday, so this post was in draft mode for a little while longer than normal and I have actually rendered some neater versions since this…  coming later today.


~ by starstation on May 28, 2009.

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