Just putting in for routine maintenance and a few supplies.  Workbees are diligently laboring  to deliver a bit of transporter restricted cargo and welding down a new cover for a spent sensor plate.  That was fun! 😀

EDIT: Added that tiny bit of light around the gangway area of the drydock.

Ok, the majority of the bottom area stuff is done.  The gangway was fun, but I wish some of the details stood out a little better, especially those “hanging” cables (hello… we’re free floating in space.  But still, they’re cool details.)  Maybe I’ll have to add some extra light sources around the area to augment the petty/glow of the little spotlights (when I increase the luminosity shader too much I hate the little blotchy light effect in global rendering.)

The floodlights have big swing joints now, actually based on the office pods.  They are still floating free in space however.  Still have to throw in some crane arms and a few minor details.  That tends to be never ending.


This one wasn’t meant to highlight any artistic composition but only to show the gangway from another angle.  My references show its pod area to be very similar to the Space Office Complex pods; same windows and same docking rings.  This was early in the gangway’s construction and there are still some details not yet added.  The overall basic shape seems accurate, but most of the details are simply best guess scenario based on dark and blurry image sources.  There is also a major placement flaw with the drydock mesh (those joint cone-things between the frame segments are off-centered) that I have no explanation for at present.    The actual mesh in modeler doesn’t seem to show the problem.

Now onto the upper portion of the Drydock, at least the limited portions visible in the films.


~ by starstation on May 28, 2009.

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