Blocking… or Blocked?

Picture 1

Just some behind-the-scenes shots as I try to figure out how I want to build up this “cargo ring” idea.   Trying to arrange and rehearse things before committing them to memory like some sort of stage play, but I must admit my creative juices are running a little low this week.This is a perspective shot of where the cargo pods might go based on the Akula deck plans.  I’m not at all certain of the exact placement and fitting I want to go with.  I had intended on facing them inward such that the pods’ flat fold-down doors opened directly into the cargo ring corridor, but the units were smaller than I realized and it simply left too much unused space.  I was actually hoping the outer angle of the ship and the curve of the cargo pods would fit well together helping to better rationalize the shape of cargo pods (something like those angled containers  they slide into curved airliner fuselages.)  Alas I’ve yet to meld them in any meaningful way.

Another issue was that the cargo holds are deeper into the ship’s confines than I realized when I began imagining all this.  Within the external hull, all along the saucer’s outer edge, there is some important equipment and machinery: a momentum buffer system, probably an early example of the inertial dampeners.  It takes up a good portion of the outlying rim, probably 1 and half to two meters inward from the external hull.  I don’t know if this machinery extends the deck’s entire height, given that the inboard profile cutaways provided can’t show this outer area.  This is due to the large weapon/deflector nook carved out at the fore of the ship.  Either way, I prefer to keep that portion of the ship as sacred cow un-alterable.

Too many other things are out of sync with the deck plans for it to be  a close match.  I think I am going to have to move my lifeboat emplacements further out in order to put a corridor right along where they are currently locked in.  You can make some out just under the flooring in the background mesh there.  Regardless of where I move them, the lifeboat covers are also certainly too small now that I’ve seen them overlaid with the deckplans.

The flooring might look weird because it is two different mesh layers visible at the same time.  In one layer, an older floor from the ventral workbee bay interior model;  It houses that smaller set of doors further back.  A new decking, modeled to match the settings of older one, now swings around the outer circumference of the primary hull along with the evenly spaced cargo pods.  These are essentially the fields of play I will be working in for this project.

Picture 2

This bottom angle just shows the ship in full and the beginnings of the new cutouts and frame work for the cargo access plate.

More tonight maybe.


~ by starstation on June 5, 2009.

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