Uh…Is That The Only Way Out!?!?


Some preliminary work on the cargo staging area.  Not a lot of detail yet and needs some texture work on the floors especially.  And I might just need another entry/exit now that I think of it.  I hate holding my breath.  😉This took me longer than it should have for simply modeling parts, as I spent a good deal of time on Saturday trying to learn the protocols of rigid inverse kinematics (ugh… IK for short) in order to open the door more effectively in Layout.  I have all the pivots, parenting hierarchies, chains, and null root/goals mostly worked out, but I am still having some confusion with an item or two.  At least I know The gears and arms have full clearance. 😀  Once I have it properly functional (and all the details in place) I’ll feel more comfortable rotating this entire interior back around to its actual position on the ship.  It is currently resting dead center on the z axis so I can mirror items as I model them.  The big blank wall back there in the first image might get adjusted as I haven’t decided whether or not there will be any access corridor between this room and the ventral workbee stowage just a few meters beyond.  I also figure that since space is a little tight on these smaller craft, that this staging bay might serve as a storage area unto itself, once the vessel was fully loaded.  In addition to possible parking spots, warnings about gravity, magnetism, and loss of atmosphere seem prudent.  Therefore, the floor will need more graphics to these ends.


In the second image I have the panel extended to a minimum for cargo sled clearance, but that was only so you could still partially see the doors from inside at the angle I was shooting.


Though not the best angle, the final image shows the blank canvas of the ships outer hull along the forward rim.  I’ve made allotments for hull thickness and such, so that is exactly how much room I have to work with.  Turns out, there is a lot of room above this ceiling that might be perfect for that momentum buffer system which I thought would overwhelm most of the usable area.  As of yet, I need an opening on the left there for the cargo to pass through to the cargo ring, and I was hoping for a nice access area for the forward port RCS thruster there on the right.  I figure this huge open bay would be perfect for accessing and even replacing such large equipment when necessary.  Some of the RCS equipment would even be visible in the room.


~ by starstation on June 8, 2009.

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