A Mac redo of the Ventral Workbee Stowage. Update: added some new angles and deployment stages.

Since I was having to consider the interaction of this bay with the new Cargo Staging Bay, I thought it might be worth taking a look at this older mesh on my new system.  There were some errors that were allowing a bit of  light bleed which I had to correct before going for a full render.  But, I really like these settings,  some genuine global rendering that I could only fake prior. Here is the original below for comparison.

Workbee Storage 01

I started another global rendering before I left home for work this morning.  I reduced the intensity from 300 to 200%.  Just to see if this latest one wasn’t too bright.  I will probably attempt another version tonight with the workbee being deployed down through the floor. 😀

Update:  reduced the lighting intensity (mistake) and created a couple of progression shots of the workbee deploying outward.  Slightly different angle shot up top under the first image.




After seeing the claw seperate from the upper frame, it seems clear that there needs to be some male/female socket attachments to both upper and lower halves (for the umbilical connections on the workbee and claw to have any meaning) and maybe some more greeble work.  Also I probably didn’t lower the extender arm in the correct order either.  Oh well,  I’ll fix it eventually.


~ by starstation on June 10, 2009.

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