Rainbow Blocking


Thought I would have some fun with colors as I try to map out where everything on this deck should go since I am deviating from the published plans.  Others have used this method before but it was a first for me, and this was a lot of fun. 😀 I have no real plans to fill in every feature of this ship’s internal arrangement…  not at present anyway (wouldn’t that be a blast? 😉 )  But when shifting around  so many elements from the original deck plans, I want to be careful not to lose any of the ship’s necessary functions while arbitrarily rearranging so much.  This color plate is level with the majority of the main flooring for deck 5, though there are some areas of deck 5 that step down a few feet especially in those areas that access the external hull.


I decided to use colors similar to the deck plans in the reference book, though I chose to use green for corridors instead of white.  As in the book, red stands for operational areas, mustard for support areas, and finally blue represents crew quarters.  Those plain white areas are un-finalized as of yet.  I had to push the envelope to get as much space for crew quarters as I did.  I especially wanted them lined back to back as they were in the book but they have been condensed much closer to the core now, so there is certainly a loss of some crew space on this particular deck.


These give you a real good idea of how close the ventral workbee bay and the new cargo staging bay are.  That little area in between them will be a space-equipment staging area similar to other airlock areas.


I made up a nice basic escape pod based on the book and some drawings I found on the net.  After replicating their numbers to a dozen, I numbered a couple and planted them all around their final location.  They are quite a bit larger than I thought when originally building the McCook, so her lifeboat covers will have to be shifted outward and enlarged.  As a result this deck will lose 2 of it’s lifeboats.


What’s been really fun is creating my first rounded concentric corridor from my original corridor mesh.  The original corridor mesh I’ve previously rendered is essentially a template, and while I built concentric corridor sections, I’ve never lined them up in anything but 90 degree angles to the radial corridor sections.  Even their use on board the Phobos hasn’t yet required any curvature.  This is the outermost corridor that lines the cargo ring and meets up with the main gangway hatch on the port side. Although this is just the start, I’m really enjoying, for the first time, looking down this corridor’s length as it rounds out of sight.  This corridor is a little strange in that it is broken up on the outer rim with individual cargo bins.   The inner rim backs up to all the escape pods accessible through the next corridor ring inward.  Still, there is enough space for operational equipment, conduits, and other such maintenance needs all through that area.  That is of course what the rounded cover panels are there to conceal.  More corridor sections are sure to follow, and I might even have some fun with that gangway eventually.

My elevator-airlocks on the  upper hull are in danger.  I’m just not sure how to reconcile them at present.  I’ll figure something out.

~ by starstation on June 15, 2009.

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