Reflections of… the way I reel.


I added on some radial corridors to meet up with the cargo corridor and placed an airtight door that leads to the background operations.  It’s a little bright, the floor is unfinished, and there are some light bleed issues in the ceiling panels way in the back, but I am somewhat impressed with the metal surfaces.

A fellow Sci-Fi message board artist named Tobian has encouraged me to dabble in the Lightwave method of Node editing to improve some of my metallic textures.  I must thank him for his input.  I’ve had some interesting results but I still have a LOT to learn.  😀

Rounding the curve…


I used one of his texture settings to replace my own metal surfaces.  I had to alter a few things for different items with different textures; I added the UV map back into to my brushed metal and tweaked some of the node settings for the corridor frames to distinguish them.  It doesn’t look tremendously different from my previous corridor renders, but I have to admit it sped things up considerably.  There are still some grainy issues I would like to improve, and that is where learning how these settings function will help me the most.  This juncture’s floor (above) has been separated from the cargo corridor and not yet updated so try to ignore that.  This render also revealed some mesh problems with a few beveled areas now that I’ve transferred this over from my PC.  I’ll have to tackle that sometime soon.

And we are back where we started, though I have improved the floor for this section and added some communications panels.



~ by starstation on June 22, 2009.

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