Metal Fatigue…

cargo_corridor_11Lord knows my strengths lie in modelling rather than texturing, but whew…  experimenting with metallic textures can be quite a brain drain.  However, I’ve had some positive results. 😀   Did a new angle from another radial corridor that connects much further down the ring.  I thought it would be interesting to see how the cargo pods look dead on and wanted to see some new texture values in play.

cargo_corridor_12An Update that fixes the light bleed and returned the frames to some sheen, but that extra light, even though it was on the outside,  must have really been helping the scene out as the surfaces are now noticeably darker.  Hmmm.

Ramped up the fresnal value for the metal panels up to 5 and dropped the value for the framing down to 1 and changed the color to the highest white.  The frames’ fresnal might be a tad too low as it appears to have lost its sheen and minimal reflectivity.  I turned on the scene’s  default distance light so I could see my textures while placing my camera.  There’s actually no floor for much of this corridor yet, so I had to be precise for the illusion.  I forgot to turn it off before rendering, so there is some distracting light bleed in there, but I’ll get rid of that later.


~ by starstation on June 24, 2009.

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