Whish… “Bridge.” Woooooooooooo….



View aft-starboard

Some early images of a planned Akyazi Class Bridge.  Just filler really.   These are early WIP images, rendered long before I got my uprated system. Just test shots really, and I never got much further before I decided to try a different modeling method.  But someone asked me about Bridge shots, so I thought I might post them.


View aft-port

Obviously the central step-down area nor it’s consoles were ever begun, much less the main viewer or any other bridge stations.  But I abandoned this design early on and started an entirely different bridge more closely based on set-design than this version.

Aky_Bridge_006Close-up on the communications graphics.

Graphics can be quite a chore but I sure had a ball putting all the graphics for these consoles together.  I reproduced them all myself based on reference screen-caps and published books.  I had to make many-a-guess as to what most of the fine print said.

Aky_Bridge_007A slightly lower-res shot, but more close-up, on that aft control panel.

This project ended up being mostly a learning experience on how to create a standard modular section, how to customize it for a specific function,  and finally how to rotate it for proper alignment and a snug fit.  It was always intended to be slightly different from the bridge set used in the movies.  I had seen some wonderful renders of a specific bridge by an artist named Sean Robertson, which I thought were brilliant.  I always thought they were just different and similar enough to be perfect on an Akyazi class ship.  But when I realized I would eventually want one that was more movie accurate, I decided to begin it in earnest.  That version is still early in its infancy though. I may delve back into this one again sometime in the future.  😀


~ by starstation on June 26, 2009.

10 Responses to “Whish… “Bridge.” Woooooooooooo….”

  1. Thanks for posting these! Neat!
    I look forward to “new” ones 😉

  2. Hey!
    Great bridge so far. Everything looks great in fact. Little hard to navigate, but thats part of the fun…been having a ball looking at al lthe stuff you’ve done.

    I am a bit curious, do you have closeups of all the bridge stations? I’m building a Mego figure scaled TMP/Phase II bridge and was wondering if you have graphics of the stations that I could print out on decal sheets and use them to make my stations? (With your permission of course!)

    • I don’t have all the bridge station graphics completed yet, though I have made a few based on drawings and screen grabs. Some Phase II/TMP “Flight Manual” drawings provided the layout and screencaps (as well as some personal interpretation) provided color info. Communications, engineering, and some stand up stations (Environmental Engineering and Internal Security) are as far as I got.

      Your project sounds very interesting. How detailed would the graphics need to be for decal printing? I’d prefer not to put out my full original graphics at this time, but if I could reduce their size and resolution a bit I could probably scare something up.

  3. I dont need them to be dead on exact or anything, but I dont want them to look cartoony either. I was thinking of using a lot of LCARS stuff, and did put a couple of sample stations together, but the bridge I’m building, while not slavish to the concept, is based on the Phase II/TMP era, and the LCARS Stuff just doesnt look right. I found a web-site that has all of the TMP bridge station graphics on it, but they are in black and white, and I’m not computer savvy enough to color them without wrecking their appearance.

    Would it be possible to see what you have in mind regarding reducing size and resolution? If its just an issue of the detail, well, thats not a big issue as these will be shrunk down for 8″ tall figures anyways.

    Thanks for your help!

  4. Thanks!

  5. Nope…not yet anyways?

    • I sent it 2 days ago to the e-mail listed in your comments. Do you want to check your spam folders or would you like me to send them again? They would be from basil9@aol.com.

  6. Sorry…I didnt even see them in my spam file? I would sure appreciate it if you could send them again. Just in case the wrong e-mail is listed, my address is cyclone_studios@hotmail.com

    Thanks a lot!!!!:)

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