Here’s that other bridge in its earliest stages.  I found, scanned online, apparent actual blueprints for the Phase II pilot.   I used them to get the better dimensions, angles, and contours needed to recreate my favorite of Star Trek bridges.  The overall measurements are accurate though the detailing may be less faithful, since I’ll have to eyeball everything else.


I am making the most of the modularity involved in the design of these bridges by placing each one in it’s own layer, so they can be shifted around if need be, to portray other starfleet ships just as the movie sets were.



~ by starstation on June 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “Infancy”

  1. That is going to look sooo cool, when it is completed!

    • Thanks. It’s sort of on the back burner right now, but hopefully it will actually be completed someday. 😀

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