Exit, Stage Left… Uh… Port


Finally got to sketching some ideas and came up with this “Starfleetesque” hatch to access the Cargo Ring on the port side. I’ve dubbed it The “4” Door or The Sailboat because of the interesting pattern that finally played out in its frame/insets.  Most other Starfleet hatches I just call Barn Doors for fun.Ironically this one is most like a barn door as it is fairly huge in comparison to most Starfleet interior hatches.  This is necessary in order to handle the large cargo pods that must pass through it.  I haven’t done any measurements but it is probably some 10-12 feet tall if not slightly more.


Here is a shot as the door slides open revealing the first leg of the port cargo ring that swings around most of the ship’s outer circumference.

And on the other side, I finally decided to incorporate the standard round docking ring that most Starfleet ships of this era boast.  At first I was going to just make it a round airtight hatch without all the clamps and umbilical connections.  The Motion Picture had at least one such exterior door in it (at least in the extended version with Kirk exiting the ship to chase Spock ) and no such mechanisms were built into the set design.




But when I saw this door in  scale to the interior wall and realized just how large this bay actually is, I decided it should harbor that universal docking ring used by the Starfleet utility craft of this era.





This is already outdated and will have to be refit.

The ship already has two fully functional docking ports on the aft section of the primary hull (that is actually where I snatched this particular mesh for the door  😉 ), but you can never have enough access points when you need them eh?  This open bay could easily accommodate a standard travel pod, though the ring would have to be flush with the deck door’s edge or raised a few feet to allow for clearance.  Heck this bay could permanently store a travel pod if necessary or even another small such craft.  I’ve even entertained the idea that it might harbor some sort of mission specific modular science lab or intelligence equipment room (listening post augmentation) to enhance the ship’s already well designed functionality.  Such a module could be put in place at a Starbase layover, sent out to perform its mission and  be removed for analysis upon return (that’s the primary reason for the more lanky door design).  Hmmm, the possibilities…

Greeble production will begin soon, as I try to break up the blankness of some of these surfaces and create the deck plating that will be responsible for moving the cargo pods down the line.


~ by starstation on June 28, 2009.

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