Welcome Aboard…


Decided to jump on the main port gangway project and finally got some details of that area worked out.  Pay no attention to that cargo pod blocking the corridor; It was pulled out simply because there is very little constructed beyond the next corridor segment (though the pod’s placement does tie in to another major refinement). 😉

It’s still a little dark in there but this is how it would look when not in use.  When I get some more detailing done I’ll do a full set of shots for it.


Currently I’m having a little difficulty with the size of the actual exterior door.  It’s considerably smaller than I realized and people coming aboard would have to do some necessary ducking to avoid head bumps and such.

Another point I decided to tackle was the clearance space for the cargo pods.  I was having a difficult time deciding how to access them.  Do they pull out into the corridor so one can open their fold down doors?  If so that ceiling conduit cover was going to be an issue as it was far too low and blocked a full extraction, which is necessary for door clearance.  One could imagine a pod variation that has doors in half increments for this type of scenario, but I wasn’t ready to concede that.  The only other method would be to push them back into their slots and away from their companions.  This seemed a bit inefficient and even claustrophobic.


So, up went the conduit.  This required a complete rearrangement of the master template and essentially a reproduction of the entire corridor.  But I was able to prove to myself that even with inches to spare, the cargo pods would indeed be readily accessible.


I also enlarged the circular lights over the pod alcoves to allow a bit more light in the corridor.  It still looks pretty dim in these shots however, and I had yet to do the complete revamp of the corridor template here.

~ by starstation on July 6, 2009.

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