Take a seat…


Update Image: A little brighter for the corrected elements

The seat cushions and base stands.


Just a little something I’ve started on.  Still needs some refinement as organic structures typically baffle me the most.  Though the rest of the bridge is barely begun, I thought it might make a nice presentational context for these objects I’ve been working on. I realize the command chair and the crew chairs are slightly different in structure as well as color (in The Motion Picture anyway) but I started with the command chair as a basis, and couldn’t resist just making a nice earth tone copy for now.

This is my favorite Star Trek chair, and I look forward to redoing the back to help plump up the individual cushions (or “anatomy cushions” as I like to call them).  They seem a little flat and their shapes could be refined.  I’ve since improved the seat cushion contours a bit, and the angled floor stand as well as some of the textures, but the render is horribly dark and will require some tinkering.



~ by starstation on July 13, 2009.

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  1. Wow I love this Blog!

    Cool Chairs!

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