Cushioning The Impact


Went and totally redid the backing for the chairs.  Tried a new method that I thought was very effective… at first.  The effect is subtle but they appear a little more cushy here.  I thought they could still use a little more, but the trick is not to overdo it I suppose.


The real crew chairs don’t have nearly this many individual cushions and are much less flat than those at the captain’s back.  Here, I mostly wanted to highlight the edges where I put some geometry to suggest where some upholstery seams were.  I was fairly pleased with this until…


…  I turned it around into the light and the obviousness of my method was revealed. 😦  The geometry of the cushions’ forward surface is all too visible.  I had no hint it was going to look this way with the preview windows so this was a big disappointment.  I see now that it was visible on the captain’s chair as well, but the darker color muted the effect.

The method I used was specifically meant to avoid having to go the spline cage/patch route, but I am rethinking that now.  I might be able to tweak this, but I’ll begin a new spline modeled cushion tonight probably.  I’ll render it first and see how it turns out.

~ by starstation on July 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “Cushioning The Impact”

  1. The chairs look great, they look a little like vacuforms, maybe more upholstery seams, wrinkles, stiches or lent would make them look like cushions.

    The texture you used for the arms (particularly shows up on the captain’s chair) added a lot of life to the object, looks good.

    • Yeah, they do look a little static and rigid, but I’ll probably have to go the spline cage route to get them more “fluffy” looking. The arm piece was a bit of a chore but I really like how it turned out. I knew I had to make the cushion part, but I wrestled with whether or not to add the fabric lining that covers the whole inner portion. I’m glad I did it in the end. 😀

      Now I just need to add the little control consoles to the Captain’s chair (his was the only one with those buttons) and of course round three with the back cushions.

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