Grating On My Nerves…

Update: A brightening and blending of the two images below…


Well, that wasn’t so bad.


I meant to begin adding side details last evening, but that floor grate just kept bugging me.  Alas I decided I would at least experiment with modeling a grate that might not take too many polygons to get done.  I came up with this and I rather like it.  It might be a little thinner than I realized, so I’ll probably thicken that shortly.  Image is still too dark, but I’ll play around with the image settings later and update.  I also softened the edges of the chambers round frame and though I like the results, it appears there might be some smoothing errors there in the upper left in corner.

I’ll probably change the actual texture of the floor grate to something different than the default color I am using for the walls and chamber.  I think it needs to be lighter to help create a greater contrast with the walls and the dark metallic surface of the greeble floor underneath.  More wall details are forthcoming.  I only mirrored the wall on the left to the right so that it wouldn’t be plain for this render, but it is not accurate.  The frame for the eventual door there will figure into the shape of the TMP era K frame that is visible in the walls and built into the control booth.


Talk about dark…  I did this initial test without global illumination and wow, did it take on the shadow.   I actually like some of the stark contrasts a little better than the final version (the grates look better for some reason), but it would need to be blended with the GI image to be of any benefit.


~ by starstation on July 28, 2009.

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