Finally, Door Frames


Putting off building door frames because I dreaded having to incorporate them into the structure of the K-frames (Because I stupidly constructed it in one-size-fits-all mode) I finally realized… (duh) I had all the smoothed corners and mergers necessary to just chop an extra one up and plug the necessary portions into the two outer frames that have door structures.  That didn’t end up taking as long as I feared, though I still had some clean up work to do.  Here is the exit to the corridor, but technically you are still trapped since there is no real door there. 😉

Also darkened the control booth’s floor to make it look more like a mat of some kind (maybe some texture later) and I moved that ceiling cross beam forward a bit to its proper location.  I have to experiment a bit on that weird techno pattern on the back wall of the booth, but I already have some ideas based on some screencap research.  Also, there is some odd structure above and to the front exterior of the booth that I can’t quite yet make out enough to commit to modeling.

before I rendered this, I decided to change the chamber’s background panels to my UV mapped versions instead of the modeled honeycomb.  I must admit I prefer the soft purpley glow, but it did shave 2 hours off this render which doesn’t feature the panels in anything but reflection.  The honeycomb pattern is clearly more distinct as well.  Maybe I’ll fudge with the colors in Photoshop and create a purple cheat. 😉

I’ll try and render the door frame on other side when I reorient the wall detailing there.  (It is currently a mess)


~ by starstation on August 4, 2009.

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