“Oh no… it’s forming.”


😉  Things are starting to gel, but of course I still have a few issues.  For the transporter console, I fixed a geometry error on the left there, forgetting that the object was made with mirror duplication.  From this angle the same error is visible on the other side.  Ha ha.  Oh well, easy fix.  The wall detailing is less accurate on the left side than the right, but I was less concerned with that side since it is broken up by the doorway.  The floor grate ends rather abruptly just past the new door frame on the left and you can see the wall detailing sticking out, but I’ll have that cleaned up in no time.  I’ve already modeled the weird “vertical light hallway” for use in other meshes and plan on putting it on the other side of the door frame since it was seen there in The Wrath of Khan. Of course, it won’t be visible from this angle. Meh

On the right, the corner back near the exit was drawn out on the set blueprints as a rounded curved alcove (which leads to some unidentified location behind the control booth) but it is hardly visible in its onscreen portrayals as anything other than a darkened blur.  So, I decided to make it like the blue prints and I even rounded the frame work to go with the curve,  mainly for aethetics rather than any implication of structural necessity.  It’s difficult to see here since it is a little cut off.  I might do a render of the exit door open to a visible corridor shot in the near future, and then the curved alcove will be fully obvious.

Meanwhile, house hunting continues in earnest and consumes much free time.  Fingers crossed.


~ by starstation on August 6, 2009.

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