8-14-09 Update- Minor


Toned down the gamma on the graphic and lowered the blur on the overlying clear grid.  I like this much better, but the details in the graphic might still need to be reduced in scale a bit.

Hitting road bumps in my house  hunting so that has eaten up most of my free time this week.



Shrank the detailing down in scale by essentially enlarging the image’s boundaries and adding more detail around the original graphic.  I think this looks even better still.


~ by starstation on August 14, 2009.

6 Responses to “8-14-09 Update- Minor”

  1. Looking very much like the movie version, nice! 🙂

    WHy don’t we see these updates on SFM? 😀

    • Sorry, I haven’t posted so much on SFM lately. I’ve spent so much time looking at houses in the past couple of weeks, trying to make a closing date before I leave on a trip in September. Minor updates I’ve been posting here on my blog while the more dramatic updates and newer angles I’ve been putting up on both the blog and SFM.

  2. House hunting, argh. House hunting in Alaska is the single most deadly kind of hunting known to man. Hope that worked out for you.

    I like how “true” you’re keeping to TMP set. You mentioned variations on a theme on SFM, later on, here’s my vote.

    1. Purple. Really??
    2. Cover up the equipment. I love it, but I can just see trying to get a stretcher over that grating and stepping on and breaking something, like a pattern buffer or an ankle. Sorry, FFer/EMT mind at work.
    3. Screensaver. I admire how closely you’ve gotten to the original. But the original nevertheless looks like a shower curtain. How about some banks of isolinear chips (I know, too early for this era), or a screen for beam site cartography (there was a viewer hood in TOS, if you recall), or failing all that, ESPN?
    4. Extras. Upper and Lower Weapons lockers, like TNG’s TR (see the interactive technical manual). I always wanted a lockerroom off the transporter with field expedient gear (I think Mr. Scott’s Guide suggested something like that). (And that’s just my ex-Army mind at work lol)

    I’m sure you’ve daydreamed about this stuff too as you’ve worked. lol But seriously, you’ve got great talent, it all looks great. I really enjoy your work.

    • Well, actually I was house hunting in Tennessee, but I’ll be visiting Alaska (and Canada) in about a week and a half, for a two week vacation. However, I suspect house hunting either way is “argh.”

      Thanks for the comments and as to your points… 😀

      1. Yes, purple really. Are you referring to the lavender transporter chamber or the purplish-blue of the walls? In the chamber, I just tried the purple background out behind the translucent panels and really liked it. It seems to glow well. I’ll just chalk it up to artistic license. I have alternates of course. As for the walls, they are really gray but the lighting is distinctly bluish, so it shows up that way in renders. It might be a little more purple than intended but I was really just trying to mimic the feel of the TMP set. When I am done I will most likely try different lighting schemes, for that “variation on a theme notion.”

      2. I have plans to do a version of the equipment covered (per request of someone else) but I was trying to nail down the original first. As for the stretcher, maybe they use anti-grav stretchers by then. Might be easier to watch your step with that. Honestly I don’t know how you would get a stretcher through that door anyhow, so they also must use a different route. Maybe the same one they walked out of when they beamed up from Regula in TWOK?

      3.Screensaver… I got nothing. Maybe it’s a shower curtain for radiation exposure. 😉 Maybe it is a panel covering early isolinear technology (more of which we saw in Generations in the Ent-B deflector control room) But again, just trying to duplicate as best I can what I’ve seen before adding my own ingredients.

      4. Extras… I’ve imagined such things around those mysterious corners and in those out-of-sight rooms that have rarely been explored by the films. I really liked Mr. Scott’s Guide and some of it’s ideas. Maybe someday I’ll fill in those gaps.

      Thanks again for the comments. I’ve been real busy lately and the real estate game has sort of taken the wind out of my sails, but I might have a little something before I leave. No promises. 😉

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