Booth View


Just a few items I was able to try out.  An angle from the control booth with the control station and also a view of the non-purple backing I’ve been using in recent renders but only seen in reflection.  The transporter pads look considerably less bright behind the glass window in the booth now.  The effect might be a little harsh so I’ll need to look into the glass surface settings to tweek that.  When I copied this console from my Miranda Cargo Transporter mesh I totally forgot to bring over the green box elements that glow behind the two large “windows” in the center panel (they were in a different layer so they could be manipulated independently).


In order to include them I had to refurnish that piece since it was not to the same scale.  Since I had to dig around in the original source material, I also decided to redo the “lite-brite” buttons there on the left.  I recently found some nice close up images of just such a TMP design element online and was itching to update them.  Now they look more like glowing “skittles.” 😀

I’ve started a new mesh file that simply has all of the consoles from all of the interiors I’ve done in it so I can essentially pull them from library whenever I need them.  I’ve also started trying to refine the hard/sharp edges with the rounder tool but the complex shape of some of these beasties is proving more challenging than I’d hoped thus far.


I didn’t have time to brighten this one up, but here’s a view from the right side of the control booth.  Notice how much brighter the pads look though even without gamma lighting correction.

I’ve also started working on the rarely seen console to the right of the main control console.  I’ve only really managed to build the hub cap looking greebles on the wall.  I’ll try and render that area soon.

~ by starstation on August 31, 2009.

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