A Little Something During The Busy…


With my new house and all, I haven’t had a lot of time lately for my 3D work.  So, I thought I might post some older images I’ve done over the years to pass the time during this 3D drought of mine.

First up, I should explain that I go through “seasons” or “phases” during any given year where my interests shift to focus on any of a number of genre specific subjects, usually anchored by science fiction and fantasy related realms.  Star Trek (Spring) and Star Wars (Fall) have the two biggest harvests of any imaginative period,  but a few other themes tend to ripen like fruit as a given year passes.

In the realm of DC comics, here are some architectural experiments I did in one of my “Superman” phases.  I love comic books and I love depression era architecture as well as art-deco detailing.  A Superman project seemed the perfect outlet to blend and express my love for these interests.  These images range from 3 and 1/2  to 4 years old.  Strangely, it seems just like yesterday.


A Daily Planet Globe, reflective of an older style, prominent in the 1920’s and 30’s.


An updated version, more reflective of the design styles from the late 40’s on through the 50’s.



A few night time shots



Here we step back as more of the building and its surrounding environment is added.  For the overall look of the Daily Planet, I was inspired by a few buildings that came out of the depression era, especially by New York’s Empire State Building and Chicago’s 919 North Michigan Avenue, formerly known as the Palmolive Building.  The neighboring building is based directly on the upper portions of the Lincoln Bank Tower in Fort Wayne Indiana, however this neighbor would be considerably taller given the scale and height of The Daily Planet as imagined here.



Different times of day.

I fell in love with a number of buildings while I was researching the internet for design ideas, especially real buildings that were going up during the skyscraper revolution of the 20’s and 30’s.  I decided to recreate a few of them, though the degree of detail is limited compared to some of the truly artisan designs of those inspirational structures.  Here again you can see the Lincoln Bank Tower as well as the addition of a high-rise based on the Leveque Tower in Columbus, Ohio.

And lest we forget the original home of the Man of Steel?


This image of the Kryptonian home world was rendered almost 14 years ago on my first 3D rendering program Raydream Designer.  I’ve gone from Mac to PC and back to Mac since then, as well as upgrading to a more serious 3D program like Lightwave.  A lot has changed in the passing years, but I still have  a fondness for this particular image.  It might be fun to try and reproduce with improvements someday. 😀

~ by starstation on October 20, 2009.

6 Responses to “A Little Something During The Busy…”

  1. They do seem new!

    I like the 1920/30s version, it fits in better with the architecture of the buildings.


    • Thanks. I like ’em both so I could never choose. 😀 I just always imagined some evil super villain was responsible for the destruction (or damage beyond useful repair) of the original and some up-and-coming PR person had the publishers replace it with the newer version.

  2. Fantastic – both the Daily Planet and the Kryptonian architecture – any more?

    • Not much more from this genre unfortunately. I do have some work-in-progress stuff that I might throw up for fun.

  3. Hi starstation,
    You’ve done some beautiful work there.
    I am currently writing a fan-fiction novel called
    “Tales Of Krypton – Dust Of The Sun”:
    I’m interested to hear your thoughts on Kryptonian architecture,
    as you’ve recreated it in Raydream.

    • Thanks so much. I’m not exactly sure which thoughts you’re interested in hearing (presuming I could locate them in the cobwebs of this brain. 😉 )

      I sure do love Kryptonian storylines though. 😀

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