Quick Sticker Fun

Have been meaning to make more labels for my cargo containers for a while now, but haven’t had time to reboot all of my source files since I transferred to my new computer.  Well, now that I am happily settled in my new house and my new Macintosh,  I decided to pay homage to the Original Series and make a label for the kooky grain everyone was concerned with in The Trouble With Tribbles.  As an important grain used in colonial efforts I thought maybe “quadrotriticale” could use it’s own distinct label. 😀

I went online looking for various symbols and icons for wheat as a possible starting point.  I found numerous promising examples but couldn’t find anything abstract and clearly identifiable enough to suit my needs.

And then I stumbled across one for the “Canadian Wheat Board,” a (the) major marketing agency for wheat and barley in Canada.   It sounds rather mundane, but the image had 4 little lobes and was delightfully abstract and yet it still screamed “wheat!” (or a new branch of Transformers that might convert from a tractor to a robot – an Agribot?).  According to dialog in The Trouble With Tribbles,  quadrotriticale actually traces its origins back to none other than 20th century Canada.  And with the 4 lobes in the icon, which goes well with the scenario of the grain and it’s quadro-prefixed name,  I thought it was the perfect touch.  Not being concerned with the politics of the board either way, I fell in love with the symbol and put it on one of my labels.  I thought QT4 would be a nice 3 letter code as well.

Could this be slapped on a cargo pod bound for Sheman’s Planet?

Disclaimer: This is in no way an advertisement for the Canadian Wheat Board.  I’m from TN, not a farmer, and could care less.  I just like the symbol 😉   (…To which full credit goes to a Canadian advertising agency known as “Fusion.”)


~ by starstation on March 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “Quick Sticker Fun”

  1. Very very cool!

    That’s a perfect logo for quadrotriticale!

  2. Yeah, whoever it was at Fusion that designed it did a great job. I just wish the Canadian Wheat Board was a little less “controversial.”

    Who knows? Maybe they’ll get their act together by the time Sherman’s Planet needs that vital grain. 😉

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