Here is one of the other animations I was working on.  It’s been up for a while, but I wanted a link to it anyway.

A wider angle and a longer shot, I wanted this more distant flyby to show the full cycle of the navigation beacons and how these running lights vary in their blinking pattern depending on where on the hull they are located.  Most are faster-cycle strobes that flash twice as quickly as the slower “right-of-way” beacons located on the outer port/starboard edges of the primary hull.   Currently, I think the strobes seem a little slow and still lack the powerfully bright burst/quick vanish that I’d hoped for, an effect that is meant to mimic present day aircraft.

Billiard ball planets not included. 😉


~ by starstation on April 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “Blinkies”

  1. (I watch each of your new posts several times before posting a reply.)

    This is so beautiful! I watch it and it’s so serene, the scene is so tranquil, it’s 3D art. So frame it already, put it on exhibition!

    The blinking lights work! You spend a lot of time on it (obviously) and the result is cinema-quality. (To my eyes, anyway :D)

    • Thanks so much. When I get time I plan on doing more with her. Hopefully I won’t forget all I learned on that particular project before then.

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