When I first began dabbling in 3D (nearly 14 years ago) I was captivated with recreating a set from the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation titled “11001001.” It’s from a quick little shot, in the opening scenes, of Starfleet maintenance personnel crossing through a passage way (an airlock/gangway) from their space dock starbase over to the Enterprise D.  Of course, I had intensely studied that scene for years on VHS tapes before I ever even bought my first personal computer.  I even noticed something of an editing gaffe in the scene that shows an out-of-order approach of the personnel, arriving at the exterior of the Enterprise’s hull before the door to their gangway had even opened.  This error gives the impression that the set is actually on board the Enterprise, but upon further examination of evidence (most especially the “Welcome to Starbase 74” sign seen later in the episode) it is clear this set should be seen as space station territory.  Needless to say, when I got my first 3D rendering software (Raydream Designer) for my first Macintosh, I couldn’t wait to give it a stab.


Please go easy on them.  These were rendered over 10 years ago. 😉

A remarkably convincing and yet amazingly simple set design, it just goes to show how innovative a strict television budget can be when incredibly creative and talented people are on board.  It has always had me believing how viable Andrew Probert’s beautiful matte painting for that episode could be; the Enterprise-D contently moored to Starbase 74’s “South” docking platform.  I drool to this day. 😀

I recently came across some of Ron Jone’s music from this episode (some of my favorite from the entire series) and it spurred a desire to dip into this well once again with my newer more sophisticated software.

New early test render:

My original model took some artistic license, and I used those 2 original images as my primary reference thus far.  I honestly don’t remember much of the work specifically it was so long ago, and the original models are useless to me at this stage (if I can even find them).  I’ve just started entirely new from the beginning, which will allow me to use newer tools to do things I could only mimic and fake at the time (granted it’s all “fake”).  I will have to study some old screen caps again so I can check for things I might have missed and re-evaluate how to do the floor grating which, I DO remember, was the hardest part to fake in my first attempt over a decade ago.


~ by starstation on April 28, 2010.

One Response to “Revisted…”

  1. Either the editing was done to make it look like the station crew were traveling a longer distance to the Enterprise; or the editing made the camera angles of the walking actors flow better visually (i.e. walking away from camera, to walking towards the camera).
    But the set design was so specific about its geography that it becomes obvious to the viewer that something is amiss.

    In spite of that, I liked the scene and I’m looking forward to your final render.

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