Going Up…

Original platform at the base of the shaft

Ok, so I did a little more work.  Moved some items to more reasonable locations and added some visible mechanics to make this look more like a lift.

Now I have a bit of a quandary.  The exterior opening is based on those in the McCook model.  The lift platform was pulled from the airlock interior I built several years ago.  In The Motion Picture, the lift platform rose to be relatively flush with the upper hull surface in a rather cookie cutter fashion; edges matching perfectly.  It’s not well seen in the film, but some reference images I have indicate that the corners of the opening, and thus the platform corners, are far more rounded than the openings I crafted for the McCook.  My original platform was based on those reference images.  It looks great in the base of the shaft, but the difference in shapes led to gaps that looked ridiculous when the platform was raised to the surface.  I rebuilt the platform to match the McCook’s opening, but that makes the platform more square than I like.  So I might have to retool the exterior for this close-up set, and maybe even for the McCook as well.  This may be beneficial since, when I constructed the cargo corridor, I noticed that those elevator hatches are in conflict with the internal structure.

Newly constructed platform cut and raised to fit exterior opening

Finally, I don’t know exactly how deep to make the shaft yet.  I arbitrarily lowered it for rendering purposes.  It is deep enough to account for average human height and some ceiling height leeway.  I haven’t actually measured it up next to some of my other interiors that are set in stone as to their deck placement.


~ by starstation on May 14, 2010.

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