The Bee’s Knees?

I have to admit, I have no idea where that phrase originated, but I thought any chance to put a bee to work is a good one.  I figured I’d give that big flood light a little something to do as well.

I also find it funny that it appears I am beginning to deconstruct the ship which took so long to build. 😉

I couldn’t get the lighting right, so this is actually a blend of 3 different images with the flood lights at different settings; Placed in layers and erased here and there to brighten up or dim down the flood light’s effect.  The shadow from the workbee and hull plates helped immensely as the section under it was still washed out in every other shot before I included them.

I also added some of those long mechanical arms that were seen in the TMP drydock.  There were at least 4 visible during the Kirk drool/Enterprise scene.  I don’t have the best references for them, but they do appear to be slightly more yellowish in color.  I still don’t have any good reference on their bases or their functional ends so I just used the same hub I used for the lights and made a little something up for the tips.  The bases look fairly complex in the few screen shots I’ve been able to find them.  They didn’t appear to have any joints along the length, so there they are.  At the moment they are just floating in space since I am so unsure as to their  specific base attachment.

Minor Update: Added a workbee cargo train without cargo pods at the bottom.  I put it off in the distance as to appear it is heading off after leaving behind its haul. It is the first time I’ve rendered it without the pods.


~ by starstation on May 16, 2010.

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