Phobos Returns to Starstation

…For Repairs & Upgrades

I thought while the McCook was out testing the repairs and upgrades she recently received in drydock… 😉

we could get back to some of the serious shortfalls in the engineering section aboard the Phobos.

I decided to render some new angles of the Phobos engine room.  Even though I knew it wasn’t completed by a long shot I hadn’t realized that, on the main level, I never even enclosed the aft end of that whole section.  Well, it has been awhile.

I had put in a make shift wall on the upper level, since I had done so many more renderings up there, but the lower level hasn’t been totally finalized.  I had debated putting some sort of facility at the back wall not unlike the “radiation chamber” seen in the The Wrath Of Khan engine room scenes.  My reasons for this were twofold.  That especially long, flat bulkhead parallel to the intermix shaft is fairly blank.  Granted there is a vital reason for this (the giant fuel tank seen from the exterior is just on the other side), but it does appears monotonous.  Consoles and greebles are possible, but no deep detailing can be done.

The other reason is that, since the impulse engines are just on the other side of the rear bulkhead, I wanted to illustrate some connection and accessibility to that major feature.  The majority of the engine’s mass will be behind the bulkhead on the upper level, severely limiting the open space up there.  The overall engine cowling does extend down quite a bit, but there is a still little more room to work with on the main level.  Any of a number of functional engine appendages could be accessed from this level.

Still, I just hadn’t conceptualized how it would be set up or how it would look.  I knew if I did anything similar to the TWOK chamber I would have to “de-Klingonify” it, since I wasn’t operating on any kind of budget.  The Wrath of Khan, while an awesome movie, worked within a severely limited budget and was forced to re-use a number of set elements from the motion picture to fill out some areas of the Enterprise and Regula-1 science station.  The most notable of those TMP sets was the bridge of the Imperial Klingon Cruiser Amar, which was redressed to become a huge portion of the Enterprise’s photon torpedo room and part of the aforementioned chamber where Spock met his demise.  The Helm and Navigation console on that bridge also became the control console in the Regula-1 transporter room.  Just goes to show how brilliant a thing can be when you use creativity and ingenuity.  Still, even a nice Martha Stewart paint job couldn’t fully erase in my mind the Klingon design aspects of those set elements.

At any rate… my Phobos engine room simply ends and steps off into the black void of space.  Take a look now and imagine yourself in a Starfleet space suit inspecting the ship as a damage control officer after some great battle with an alien enemy.  The port impulse engine has been completely sheered off (and any crew members in this section were likely sucked into space).  But darn it, those aliens sure do clean work and not a drop of anti-matter plasma was spilled. 😉

But we’ll have her up and running in no time with a new aft section that will hopefully break up the monotony a bit and help reflect the nature of the mechanics behind that bulkhead.

P.S. Also, I added a new gallery page to my Interiors section relating to this very engine room, so all my best images from previous blogs can be compiled there.  It is accessible in the upper right hand corner of any page.


~ by starstation on May 24, 2010.

4 Responses to “Phobos Returns to Starstation”

  1. looks real nice.. what program are you using to create this awesome word. 3dmax?

  2. 🙂 work*

  3. Cool stuff

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