Impulse Control

That back wall a little closer up.  I’ve been working on some new graphics and doing some alterations on some of my earlier attempts to update them a little.  I’ll be able to sprinkle a few more consoles and monitors here and there if they at least look like they do something different. 😉  I’ve got quite a bit of reference material to work from though, so I look forward to digging into that process.

Started another closer render of that console before I headed off to work this morning so I’ll try and plop it up as soon as I get  home.

Update: A little closer.

Not totally happy with the final shot.  It looks a little busy with some graphics intended for Transporters, Tractor Beams, and Travel Pods.  There is something wonky going on with some of the surfaces, so I might have to re-model some elements.  Also, some of the graphics appear a little “bloated” so they will probably have to be re-sized for comfort.  Those graphics on the very bottom clearly read “Transporter Station” though this is an impulse engine point of interaction.  They were mainly my experimental attempt to change the area beneath the console from a handled access coverplate to a diplay echoing TNG’s insert panels for the isolinear optical chips.  I thought it could imply the design a few decades ahead of it’s time all for variation’s sake but they look a little too big.  The image comes from some early graphics from the abandoned Star Trek Phase 2 series that were intended for on-sight transport units on the bridge and sickbay.  The graphics were ultimately used but not for transporter functions, and they were updated accordingly.  I got the colors from screen shots, but couldn’t read enough of the altered text so I chose to use what my reference materials called for, which was the original transporter info.

Oh well, marching on. 😀


~ by starstation on June 7, 2010.

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