Minor update- Impulse Control

I remodeled the lower panels and it appears there were some definite artifacts rendering from problem geometry.  I fixed that and I made the graphics a little smaller so the green buttons didn’t look so out of scale.  I might want to remodel some other panels too to see if they are having the same problems.

I did some subtle graphic alterations in a few other places, added some access panels (labeled “Heat Sink Access” with directions) off to the left, and finally put up some of that segmented paneling on the starboard bulkhead, visible to the far right.  I should have realized before the last render that that wall was just a plain flat polygon not unlike the aft bulkead was before its recent replacement.  Because I wasn’t focusing on it I never noticed it.  I have so many elements in different layers (mostly to prevent confusion) that I sometimes forget altogether what I am dealing with.  Gotta love irony.


~ by starstation on June 9, 2010.

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