Filling Out

Decided to return to the McCook and flesh out some of her deck 5 interiors.

I studied my blocking plans and compared them to the original deck plans for reference.  I noticed a number of things that needed correcting and updating.

I’ve put in some screen shots.  Sorry for the size and format, but I just snapped them in my Mac last night.  Everything’s a mess so it can be hard to see here.  That and I haven’t accomplished much yet…In addition to adding some new corridors sections, I’ve  decided to fill in the space between the cargo bay and the workbee bay with what would essentially be a staging area with docking ring access to the cargo bay and direct access to the work bee bay.  This plan necessitated lining up the overhead (ceiling) frames of the two bays, which were seriously out of whack since I took them on as separate projects.  Finally, they now share overhead frames.  The cargo bay’s overhead surface (which already had its own problems) had to be totally reconfigured to fit.  Also, the workbee clamp, the deck hatch, and the environment suit locker/wall had to be shifted over a tad.

New stuff and old stuff intermingling

I also decided the section of radial corridor which ran parallel to the cargo bay really needed to connect to the concentric ring sections deeper in the ship, both for convenience and better access to the lifepods.

The new radial corridor connection and some filler concentric sections

This will substantially reduce the size of the workbee bay.  Because of this, I figured it might be best to incorporate the planned airlock section resting between the two bays into the workbee section itself, albeit on a raised platform.  I might even move the environment suit locker(s) up to that platform opening up some floorspace around the workbee.  There’s not much on that front yet, but I did go ahead and raise up the cargo bay’s airlock/docking ring so it would be level with the ship’s main corridor.  I also added some new bulkhead frame shapes to correspond to the overhead frames.

The raised airlock door (now with travel pod clearance) is now level with the main corridors.

Some blocking to help give context

I also decided to go with my nit-picky mind and relocate the external hull lifts to some place that did not conflict with the cargo corridor.  They were placed on the ship’s exterior long before I had considered modeling this internal section.    As it was, they were right in the center of the corridors and some bulkheads.  After my recent fleshing out of this detail in the dry dock images, I just couldn’t let it go.  As much as I liked how they looked where they were, the only way to remedy this design clash was to reduce the two to one (per ship’s side) and move it back toward the aft of the ship, pretty much where the Akula class already had it situated.  While this corrected some problems it created new ones.  An issue with a small number of “straggler” cargo pods may have been settled.   Separated from the primary cargo corridor mechanism by the main gangway hatch, those 4 cargo pods towards the aft have always been problematic in terms of how they would be loaded onto the ship.  Now they probably won’t remain in this configuration, at least not all of them.  Unfortunately, I’ll have to rebuild the external portions of the ship the match the new configuration.  Weeee.

The new location of the single port airlock/lift and the changed configuration of the cargo corridor in relation.

Individual corridor elements around the airlock/lift.  At least a few cargo pods will probably be evicted.


~ by starstation on June 23, 2010.

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