“Travel Pod Available…”

“Cargo Six”

Ok, I must admit I miss that ole’ staunch computer voice that they removed from the Director’s Edition of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Nevertheless, here are some early renders from a little diversion project I’ve been putting off for some years and have finally tackled- the Travel Pod. 😀

Lots of work left, of course, and tons of details to fill in, but I finally have a decent husk to “work” with.  Pictures are a little dark, but they’re just test renders for now.

I enjoyed working on this door and docking ring for the McCook shuttle (still incomplete) and was able to utilize it here almost entirely unmodified.

The top edge of that central “belt” around the pod isn’t nearly this harsh on the real model, so I might feel compelled to correct that.

Still too early for an interior, but I’ll definitely have to put one in for this model.


~ by starstation on June 28, 2010.

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