Details Proceed

Continuing with the easier and more prominent of the details.  And adjusted that central “belt” area to soften its upper boarder.  Added some make-shift interior stuff to help flesh it out a little.  Those features will be completely refined at a later date.

Rendered this before I realized the reflection setting was turned off and the view port wasn’t showing up.

But it illustrates the boundary area pretty well.

Yay! the view port returns!

A little more glare for emphasis.

The other side again.  The view port on the model had a significant tint to it.  Probably useful with all those cosmic rays and stuff. 😉

Going to have to mull over the method I employ for all those panels on the exterior.  Some of the panels are especially angled which could prove problematic especially on those curved surfaces where most of the angled panels reside.


~ by starstation on June 30, 2010.

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