Interior Shapes Up

Decided to flesh out the interior a little (anything to avoid diving in head-first on too many of the exterior details… yet 😉 ).

From what I understand the travel pod had several methods for simulating an interior: One was the live action set used mostly for depicting interior scenes and close-ups of the actors.  The travel pod model itself had a scaled interior replica within it with look-alike puppets for some of the long-off shots, though I honestly have no idea which specific shots these were.  Finally, for the closer though still exterior shots, some special effects method was used (though I’m not certain which) to simulate Kirk and Scotty standing happily behind the view port as they gazed upon their newly refit beauty.  It was either a matte composite technique (most typical for the time), or some sort of rear-projection method which I’ve read was used somewhere in the film’s effects at some point.

My version of the interior may not match the original set as well as I would like, but I simply don’t have nearly enough references to study at present.  Still, the model (which features some interior construction for the puppets) and the actual studio set may not have matched up perfectly either.  I just don’t know.

I created a “shell” of sorts for the pod hull by hollowing out the exterior with a shrunken non-detailed version of the pod and then cutting through both to create a new view port (I realized there was a much easier way to do this after I was done-silly me).   This helps create the appearance of a certain thickness to the hull.  Previously I just smooth shifted the view port inward a bit and let it hang.  This only created the illusion of thick hull.  Would be perfectly acceptable for a less detailed version though.

The pod interior doesn’t perfectly conform to this hollowed out shape however, so I had to construct some detail elements to match what can be seen on screen.  Star Trek: The Motion Picture and The Wrath Of Khan have the best screen shots of the studio set.  The version used in The Voyage Home was supposedly a rebuild of the set and had some subtle differences (what little of it can be seen).

I am going to try one more variation of the view port before I move one.  Screen shots from TWOK seem to indicate that the forward end of the travel pod interior is of somewhat solid construction.  The view port frame simply stretches back smooth and flat from the exterior forming the upper “dashboard” and the interior wall surfaces before the detail area begins.  This provides a little inset area for the detail area and might actually help me cheat a little on something that has seemed a somewhat problematic.  😀

The upper interior lights are now visible.  In my opinion, this little feature alone was the most realistic element of the effects used in the Enterprise tour sequence from The Motion Picture.

Oops.  Forgot the little red glow square in the previous images.

Here you can see the hull thickness around the view port.  It was only simulated before.

Still a little dark inside.

Here I added a small light just under the “dashboard” to simulate light coming up from the control panels.  Probably overdid it a little.


~ by starstation on July 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “Interior Shapes Up”

  1. Looks really good so far. 🙂

    You should post more of your work at SciFi-Meshes and Foundation3D, so that more people can see it.

  2. Yeah, I should. I’ve been languishing a bit of late though.

    Edit: (wow, that sounded lamer than I realized)

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